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From humble beginnings, with the right strategy, people 
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...your vision can become the future.

the bond consulting group


Welcome.  We appreciate your visit to our website.  As you can see, it is in the early stages of construction and we will continue to add insightful material.

We are a multicultural group and a United States certified minority firm, based in the metro New York City area, with satellite locations in Miami, FL and Quito, Ecuador - and remote work capabilities.  We also work with strategic partners to scale for larger projects.  As we build out our site we will tell you more about us and our work in the areas of: risk management, corporate governance, policies, procedures and internal controls; business process improvement, and third-party relationship management. 

We view each assignment as a journey and the destination is its successful completion.  We'll share where we've been and what we've learned.  And we'll discuss how we can work with you to develop answers that will help you realize your vision of the future. 


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Risk Management and

Decision Support

Identifying risks and making sound decisions are complex formulas that require information and analysis, experience and instincts; combined with resources and correct timing.  In theory, if the right people come together, confusion will be defeated, risks will be easy to see, choices will be clear, and the best possible decisions will be made.  In reality, it's not that simple, frequently confusion, overlooked possibilities and unclear choices result in sub-optimal decisions.  We work with decision-makers to identify and assess risks, and to clearly define issues.  We assist with the analysis and identification of the best functional choices and methods of risk mitigation.  We help with the reconciliation of the preferred choices and the optimal choices.  And we provide guidance on harmonizing these elements, so the best solutions are selected and then work with clients to improve implementation and the achievement of their business objectives. 

Corporate Governance

Boards and Management have to address multiple stakeholders and oversight bodies, some of which are in more than one category.  We help leadership ensure that the policies developed and put in place clearly set forth the principles, decision process and risk appetite established by the Board.  However, this is only the first step, we work with management to design and document controls and procedures, and to ensure that day-to-day practices are consistent with the desired governance structure.  We also work with management to validate controls and create audit trails that evidence their effectiveness. 

Third Party Relationship Management and Outsourcing 

Today, the complexity of entering into third-party relationships requires the analysis of several categories of risk, including: strategic, financial, reputation, regulatory, as well as cyber and information security - and of course culture.  The failure to identify and ensure the ability to manage these risks can offset the economic and operational benefits derived from a  third-party relationship.  We assist with each step of the process, risk identification/risk assessments, cost benefit analysis of third-party options, the RFP process, service provider analysis and selection from the finalist.  We work with business owners and ERM managers to identify and mitigate the risks in both traditional outsourcing efforts initiated as cost reduction and productivity strategies; as well as strategies seeking to establish partnerships that will  provide access to innovation and new customer segments. 

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Business Process Improvement

Improving processes begins with understanding what is working effectively to create value; and what is not, and why.  We start by listening responsibly to ensure that customers, business owners and process owners feel their voices are heard and their points are understood.  We use methodology, analysis and techniques to design-develop, optimize and validate business processes to achieve the most efficient and effective production.  But we don’t get lost in jargon, excessive metrics, confusing steps and measurements that stifle innovation.  We speak plainly to foster good communication, promote discovery and collaboratively produce the best possible customer experience and bottom-line results. 


Walter Thomas Bond

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Walter T. Bond is the founder and principal of The Bond Consulting Group, TBCG LLC, a firm providing advisory and consulting services in the areas of: risk management, corporate governance, policies, procedures and internal controls; business process improvement, and third-party relationship management.

Prior to returning to the practice Walter served as the Chief Administrative Officer for City National Bank of NJ, a community development financial institution serving the Metro New York City area.  

CNB provided capital to support community development initiatives and financial services to payment processors transmitting funds to consumers and businesses in over 100 countries spanning Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.  Walter was responsible for regulatory, legal and corporate matters, as well as leading key cross functional projects.   Earlier in his career Walter worked at Carver Federal Savings Bank as the Senior Vice President in the Office of the CEO and in other executive roles.  Carver is a community bank serving New York City.  In his roles, Walter was responsible for developing a mortgage lending business, investments, strategic planning, financial reporting and regulatory relations. 

Walter holds a Master of Business Administration Degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the University of Memphis.  He also earned a Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Drexel University.


Thank you. We hope you enjoyed your visit to our website.  We will continue to build it out so that it's interesting and informative.


Please contact us if you have questions or would like more information about our background and services.  

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